Friday, August 6, 2010

Anniversary Month

I can't believe that my one-year anniversary is coming up on August 29th and I am so exicted to celebrate with my wonderful hubby. I really do think that we had the best wedding ever. To celebrate our first anniversary month I will be doing some wedding posts, sharing photos from our wedding, like the one above (from the amazing Amanda Bevington--I love you Amanda!) as well as wedding thoughts, advice and photos of things I love for weddings.

I was doing some wedding blog surfing a couple of months ago(yes after you get married you still stalk wedding blogs, or at least I do). I was on and I was introduced to Emersonmade. I can't handle Emersonmade. I love the flower broaches, I ordered the "Big Poppy" and I am constantly wearing it. I wear it with a black dress or a white t-shirt. I love it. I just don't think anything is cuter than a broach or flower pin like this. You can order them in many colors and maybe pair one with a cute dress for a wedding or summer party or put it on a blazer or jacket and wear with jeans out to dinner.

Also, how cute is this idea for bridesmaids? I just think these flowers are adorable and so is this picture.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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