Friday, August 20, 2010

The dress I want at a price I don't.

Dear BCBG, why is this dress $400? Does it have real diamonds sewn in? I tried it on and it was so flipping cute, but $400? Come on, that is a car payment.

I can't decide what to do, I really want this for our anniversary dinner...SAD.

The problem is, where in the hell else can I wear a white dress? I can't wear it after labor day, I can't wear it to a wedding or a wedding shower or a wedding rehearsal dinner. That is right ladies, just in case you wondered I had a girl wear a white dress to my rehearsal and my wedding, how sickingly ignorant and rude is that???? I still owe her a smack in the face...

I would buy it if I had somewhere else to wear it. UGHHHH...Please weigh in friends.....


  1. hmmm.... can't you have dresses dyed? seems like that could be considered two dresses for the price of one ;)

  2. Or you could have HoneySweet make it!!!

  3. Katie, I like where your head is at. It would make a neat black dress too.

  4. I say get your own only live once! Plus you will only have your "first anniversary" once too. I vote you get it and I second the idea to die it :)