Friday, October 15, 2010

Lifetime Membership

Yesterday I finally reached my goal of being a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers. I am so excited, I never thought I would make it this far. If you don't know what a Lifetime Member is, it is when you reach your weight loss goal and maintain it for 6 weeks. Once you become lifetime you can attend meetings and weigh in without paying. It is really neat. I love Weight Watchers and really believe that it is a program that works. I started weight watchers when I was in law school about 8 years ago. I went off and on to meetings and lost a total of 28 pounds. It is a continuing journey and lifestyle change and I am really happy and comfortable with where I have come.

During the meeting, my leader Michelle (who is AMAZING) announced to the group that I graduated to Lifetime had me come up to say a few words. Greg came to the meeting to support me and all the members applauded him and went a little crazy, I think he got more attention that I did! LOL They all came up to me to congratulate me but then to tell him "You are the best husband on earth." It was very cute (and he is the best husband on earth!). This is a photo of the key chain you get when you make lifetime, I have been very excited about it. Also Kudos to my good friend, who I am not sure if she wants to be named on here but she is a great friend and she started weightwatchers about 8 weeks or so ago and has lost 16 pounds! AMAZING!

I know I owe a blog post about the new business that my sisters and mom and I are starting together, it is in the super early stages but I will post some pictures and blog about it this weekend. It is super exciting. Have a great day!